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Monday, March 06, 2006

Revver Affiliate Program

Now, everyone gets paid.

In the old days (like three years ago) sharing videos online would actually cost you money-- bandwidth was pricey, after all.

Then along came video sites that would take your videos and show them to the world. The site would put ads with your videos, but you'd never see a dime of it.

Finally, last month, Revver introduced the Revverized video ad. With an ad on their videos, video creators get paid when people watch, no matter where the video travels.

And now Revver is taking it to the next level-- if you share a video with friends or post it to your blog or website, you'll earn referral money when people watch.

Revver Affiliate Program

Get paid to share videos.

When you show Revver videos on your website or blog or even in an email to friends, you'll get 20% of the ad revenue from that video. We've made it easy to get started:

Login to Revver (if you aren't logged in, your affiliate info won't be in the link)
Find a video that you want to share or put on your site.
Under each video, there's a box called "GRAB THIS VIDEO". Copy and paste the link or code for the video, and share it. When people click and watch, you get paid.

Share Revver videos in all sorts of ways:

a) Email or IM the video link to your friends,

b) Show Revver videos on your blog or website,

c) Add videos to your MySpace or any other community profile,

d) Download a video and email the whole thing (your affiliate info is INSIDE the video).

Every time someone watches the video and clicks on the ad, you'll get paid. Plus, you can feel good about the fact that when you link to Revver videos, the creator is getting paid too (unlike typical video sites).

Feeling ambitious? You can even use the Revver affiliate program to start a video blog or video website-- we'll be hosting the videos and you'll be getting paid. Not a bad deal, huh? We want you to build on Revver, because the more videos you share, the better it is for you, for the creator, and for us. So you can start collecting all the cute puppy videos on Revver and build that puppy video site you've been dreaming of.

If you have any questions, let us know or check the FAQ.


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